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All Things Knees: injury, prevention & treatment

You don’t have to be an expert to know and agree that pain and injuries suck. I’ve had them, clients have them and chances are, you have had the odd injury too. And that’s okay because it’s life and nothing to be ashamed of! What’s not okay is living with pain to the point where it stops you doing the things you love. But don’t fear I’m sharing my fave tools that have helped me. I tried a number of things to overcome my back and knee injury years go and once gone (aka managed), it opened up so...

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What’s the best way to prepare yourself nutritionally before a big race?

With the running season now upon us, accredited sports nutritionist, dietitian and Saucony Australia spokesperson, Pip Taylor, has stopped by to share her insights in nutritional preparation for a long distance run, as well as how applying the concept of mindful eating can help runners reach their PB. What’s the best way to prepare yourself nutritionally before a big race? When preparing for a marathon, half-marathon or other long distance run, it is vital to consider the foods you are consuming before and during the training period. Mindful eating is a concept that echoes aspects of life to encourage...

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10 crucial tips to prepare you for a half marathon

With the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon just a few days away, Olympic long distance runner and Saucony Australia spokesperson, Benita Willis, has stopped by to share her 10 top tips to prepare for a long distance race like the SMH Half Marathon. 1. Break in your gear – Make sure you do some training in the shoes you will wear in the race before the big day – there is nothing worse than blisters getting in your way and giving you pain on the day. Having the right shoes is so important because it could be the make...

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Speedo & AquaPhysical Australian Launch

Today at the North Sydney Olympic Pool under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, a new era in fitness was launched. AquaPhysical, the world’s first floating exercise mat was introduced to Australia with the help of the world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo. Aqua what? Using water to transform fitness, AquaPhysical, the water workout specialists are delighted to be in Australia. Their AquaBase is a low impact exercise platform that floats on water, strengthening all muscles equally with every move. So why should you be taking note? Apart from being equal parts fun and challenging, there are many benefits to exercising...

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Is Rowing The New Spin?

From the streets of NYC to the CBD of Sydney, the first rowing studio CREW is here! With the cult following of rowing studios ascending across New York City it seems that it’s indeed fast on track to be the ‘new spinning’ right here in Australia. Founded by Eastern Suburbs personal trainer and ex-rugby league player Mike Aldridge, CREW is Australia’s first rowing studio with state of the art machines. Mike discovered the rowing trend on his recent trip to the United States and after just one session, was hooked. Realising there was nothing like what he experienced in Sydney, CREW was soon born. “Rowing studios are all the rage, no longer is the rowing machine the old neglected piece of equipment in the back of the gym. People are now realising its benefits. It immediately made so much sense,” said Aldridge. But theres no need to be scared, you don’t JUST row for the whole session. Classes are mixed with a combo of HIIT, weights, core and of course, rowing. Located in the heart of Sydney CBD on Young Street, the low impact nature of the rower makes it the perfect workout for people of any age, fitness level, experience, or goal. There’s no stress placed on the body like there is in running and other activities. There is no downward force being place on the lower back, knees, or ankles;...

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