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Bella Hadid celebrates the Nike Cortez 45th Anniversary with new campaign

The Nike Cortez, officially released in 1972, is many things: a shining example of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman’s drive to better equipment for runners, the first Nike to offer visible technology and an endearing pop culture icon. Over the years the shoe has propelled champion runners, graced silver screens (in a 1994 best picture winner, no less) as well as televisions and become a staple of west coast hip-hop street style. “The Cortez is an iconic shoe that harkens back to my earliest days in the sport. The shoe allowed me the confidence and support to explore my fullest potential as a...

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia meets Sporteluxe athleisure

When you hear the words Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia its typically followed by images of slightly emaciated models wearing threads that cost more than a month’s rent… but my friends, this year things played out a little differently. Ok sure, there were still plenty of lustful clothes from local brands we adore (here’s looking at you Sass & Bide) but what got our attention was the new kids in town, or shall we say, catwalk… Enter Sporteluxe athleisure and a lot of #fitspo We’re not talking your everyday tights and sneakers combo; think bold colours, crops with leather jackets...

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Wraps you need in your life

I was thinking the other day about how many well-meaning parents could be packing kids’ lunch boxes with food that contains salt and artificial preservatives. Yes, I’m looking at you soggy ham and sauce combo! Which then lead me to ponder, how many people actually know what’s in their food? Especially food that’s marketed as a healthy alternative? I can certainly put my hand up and say I’ve been fooled with thinking certain food is nutritious when it’s not; it’s an area I’ve studied for many years!! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner for kids or adults, there’s some...

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5 Reasons To Swap Your Morning Coffee To A Cup Of Bone Broth

Jessica Rutledge – Resident Nutritionist at Mr Perkins gives us 5 reasons we should replace our morning coffee with a cup of bone broth.  Not sold? Read on! Soul warming and a steady energy boost – unlike coffee, which gives you a buzz by spiking your nervous system and then lets you crash, a warm cup of bone broth will give you a stable energy increase without the crash, giving you enough energy to get through the whole day. Glow – bone broth is packed full of collagen, gelatine and hyaluronic acid, all of which contribute to increased skin elasticity (note: the...

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Bikini Body Queen Kayla Itsines shares her fave recipe with us

Kayla Itsine is someone who needs no introduction… and if you’ve been living under a rock have haven’t heard that name before, all you need to knows is that she’s an expert in all things abs and how to create them in the kitchen. Today she shares one of her clean dishes with us from her latest book ‘The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide (Macmillan Australia, RRP $39.99. Available from Dymocks)...

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