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Bikini Body Queen Kayla Itsines shares her fave recipe with us

Kayla Itsine is someone who needs no introduction… and if you’ve been living under a rock have haven’t heard that name before, all you need to knows is that she’s an expert in all things abs and how to create them in the kitchen. Today she shares one of her clean dishes with us from her latest book ‘The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide (Macmillan Australia, RRP $39.99. Available from Dymocks)...

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Valentine’s Day Booty Burn

There is a longstanding unspoken, and sometimes spoken, rule men have that states “one must get an arm pump” before any social event. Whether it be a first date, a house party, clubbing, or an uncomfortable family get together where they want everyone to know they’ve been working out and have the guns to prove it. Ask any gym bro, they’ll tell you they go get that arm pump on a Friday night before hitting the town. But what about us ladies? I think it’s no secret that working out these days isn’t simply for the gym bro or...

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5 Fitness Fears Holding You Back from Exercise & Ways to Overcome Them

It’s no secret that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle extend far beyond mere physical fitness. You’ve probably red countless articles online about how healthy eating and regular exercise can improve your mood, help you fight illness and increase your mental willpower. On top of that you have the improved self-esteem and confidence that come from taking the time to look after yourself physically. So you know that exercise and fitness are good things. But for some people knowing in your head that fitness is good and actually getting involved with it are two very different things. So what’s...

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Want to know how I plan to start my year with a plus?

I love the start of a fresh week, same thing for the 1st of each month, but the start of a new year? Nothing I love more! So much excitement of what’s to come, a fresh slate of opportunities and new goals – to really start the new year, 2017, with a plus. For me it’s less about ‘lose weight’ or ‘fitness goals’ and more about living a more mindful life. With everything I do I will ask myself, does this bring me joy? Does this make me happy or bring me closer to what I’m trying to achieve?...

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How To Train Like A Tennis Pro

Being a tennis pro is never easy but being an up and coming tennis pro is a whole different story, just ask Lizette Cabrera. At 19 years of age, she has been granted a wildcard to her first grand slam, the Australian Open and has been named the Blackmores Australian Open Ambassador. The rising star’s everyday routine is highly important to her and we can see it’s definitely working as she climbs the ranks in the sport. Routine is an athlete’s best friend as it allows the body to be better conditioned and endure physical movement for a much...

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