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Soup cleansing – the warming option you need to know about

We’ve all read about the numerous benefits of juice cleansing, but does sipping cold liquid morning noon and night leave you feeling a little less than desired? Well then maybe soup cleansing is for you!! We chat to Mr Perkins Nutritionist, Jessica Rutledge to get the down low. Soup cleansing is totally a thing now, talk us through why this is a good option, especially in Winter? It’s a great option in Winter for a few reasons: 1.       Soups are warm! Cold beverages on chilly days are not enticing. 2.       It’s significantly more filling than other cleanses because of...

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Winter Warmers: Jumpers You Need

Once a fashion foe, jumpers are now (thankfully) on the must have list in the cooler months. Make it sporty. Keep it simple. And pair with your fave tights, jeans + fresh white kicks. P.E. Nation :: Box Sweat The Box Out Sweat is the sporty statement piece of this season. Featuring a cropped fit, ribbed cuffs and neckline and a plastic P.E Nation applique on the front. Khaki shearling sleeves with branded patches give this sweater an old-school sports feel that can be mixed in with any athleisure wardrobe. Shop it here P.E. Nation :: The Heads Up Sweater In Black...

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Nike release new (free) YOGA app

Sport is dynamic. To excel, you need a mix of physical and mental endurance, strength and mobility. To further help athletes maximize their potential by tapping into their bodies and minds, Nike is launching new yoga workouts this season. The do-anywhere routines are between 15 and 45 minutes long and are part of the free Nike+ Training Club app. “At Nike, our goal is to make people better athletes,” says Nike Master Trainer and yogi Branden Collinsworth. “That’s why we create programming that prepares you for whatever life has to throw at you.” Collinsworth, along with Nike Master Trainers...

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Macadamia & Coconut Butter

Sometimes we just get so set in our routine and ‘usual’ that we miss out on so much goodness. Like this Macadamia & Coconut Butter. Until you taste the smooth, smooth delicious goodness you really have no idea. It will put all your of your other nut butters to shame, an you may never be able to eat plain ol’ peanut butter again. All you need is a high powder blender (KitchenAid is what we used) and you are half way there! Perfect on its own with little bread, on fruit or hell, grab a spoon and good luck stopping...

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6 Ways Stress Can Affect Your Life and How to Deal with It?

Stress is an ever-present part of life for millions of people today. Demanding jobs, responsibilities at home, financial pressures and precarious work-life balances are enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Stress is part of the body’s natural fight or flight reaction to difficult situations. This reaction includes increased heart rate and breathing and the release of certain hormones like adrenaline and cortisol into the brain. These changes give you increased awareness and energy for dealing with short term threats and problems, but the body isn’t meant to stay in this heightened state for long. Prolonged or long-term stress can...

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