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Why Magnesium Is the Mineral Must-Have for Healthy Bones + Muscles

Vital to bone and skeletal muscle function, Fusion Health’s Naturopath and Holistic Nutritionist, Erika Morvay asks if we’re getting enough magnesium. It’s the major mineral bones and muscles love you for but there’s a chance you’re not getting enough. A recent study from the University of East Anglia (UK) found achieving an appropriate intake of magnesium in the diet was associated with significant improvements in bone and muscle health. Researchers analysed the relationship between dietary magnesium and bone and skeletal muscle in over 150,000 men and women, between 32 and 72 years, discovering a clear relationship between higher magnesium...

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ASOS have launched ASOS 4505 today!

Stop what you’re doing, get your credit card ready (or hide it…) because ASOS have launched ASOS 4505 today. Featuring high-quality performance wear inspired by the very latest trends, we now have another oh so cool reasons to get active. With styles that give us that UK street vibes, pops of colour (yes to yellow tights) and prices that begin at $20, it would be rude not to. Check out more here and let us know which pieces  you...

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Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

Natural Ways to a Bright White Smile Dr Lewis Ehrlich Around 70% of patient’s that come through our practice express concern about the colour of their teeth. A white, bright smile is often considered a sign of good health and can give an individual enormous self-confidence.  The countless whitening toothpaste, strips and gadgets on the market show just how much of a priority a bright smile is to so many. Unfortunately, a lot of DIY products have minimal benefits and can often result in sensitive teeth and more issues down the line. As a result, more and more people...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Resolutions in 2018

January has passed by a little too quickly for our liking, and maybe those resolutions/goals/wishes are starting to slide as well… Ben Lucus owner and co- founder of Flow Athletic has given us his tips to keeping them on track! Set an Achievable Goal This is rule number 1. If your goal is not achievable and if you have no way of measuring your success then it will be difficult to stick to your plan. When setting yourself goal, remember to set something positive that will keep you motivated to keep training, saving etc. If your goal is a big goal,...

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30 minutes of any form of activity that gets your heart rate up and stimulates the dopamine receptors will release endorphins to make you feel good. According to Collective Wellness Group Wellness Director, Dan Conn, it can be a brisk walk on the beach, kicking the footy in the park, or boxing – any movement that gets your heart pumping! We’ve put together a 30 minute sweat session that will not get monotonous or boring – thanks to its Tabata format. “Anyone can spare 30 minutes to train, and Anytime Fitness is the perfect place to set up your...

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